Agatha Christie's The Mysterious Mr Quin

The Coming of Mr Quin

Episode 1 The Coming of Mr Quin



When Mr Harley Quin turns up at just gone midnight at a New Year’s Eve house party, those guests still up — all of them male — cannot help but notice that the stained glass of the door casts a multicoloured effect upon his clothing.

This short story by Agatha Christie, with all the characters voiced by Martin Jarvis, is not going to throw down a challenge to any fan of crime fiction: the clues and outcome are as blatant as Mr Quin’s cheek in turning up and then taking down each of the guests and their possible motives for murder.

It’s Christie-lite, but still a rollicking good listen.


Martin Jarvis reads The Coming of Mr Quin, the first of three stories featuring Agatha Christie's enigmatic character. Guests at a house party recall the unexpected suicide of the previous owner. Then the mysterious Mr Quin arrives and throws new light on the case. Adapted by Archie Scottney. First aired in 2009.

Cast & Crew

Adapted By Archie Scottney
Producer Rosalind Ayres
Writer Agatha Christie
Drama Arts