The Real Mr Khan

The Real Mr Khan


Down the Line and Bellamy’s People fans will already know of the wonderful work done by Mr Khan, the Leicester-based self-appointed community leader. Here he “joins” his real-life alter ego, the radio broadcaster Adil Ray, to explore what role real community leaders play in modern society.

Ray explains, without malice but with a certain amount of satire, that when he was growing up in Birmingham the type of person who took on this role was keen to gain respect at all costs. But the people who have taken on these voluntary positions whom he meets in the East End of London are doing it to make an effective difference. This is not your average social documentary and I hope that the Ray/Khan combo will make more in the future.


Presenter and comedy performer Adil Ray and his fictional alter ego - self-appointed community leader Mr Khan - take to the streets of London's East End. There they meet real community leaders, both young and old, to find out exactly what it is they do.

Cast & Crew

Producer Isobel Williams