Dead Pan

Series 3 - Episode 1



Fresh from her gripping performance in ITV’s Broadchurch, Julie Hesmondhalgh returns as DCI Alma Blair in the latest instalment of novelist Val McDermid’s  comedy crime drama.

Narrated by Jonathan Keeble, to great comic effect, this five-part drama is set in a Michelin-starred restaurant where an influential food critic is discovered stabbed to death in the ladies’ toilets.

Alma Blair conveniently happens to be enjoying the tasting menu at the time of the murder, and thus unfolds a twisted whodunnit with more suspects than hors d’oeuvres.

McDermid concentrates as much on the comedy as the crime, which helps to make this a truly enjoyable listen.


New series. The third instalment of Val McDermid's 'Dead' series of comedy crime dramas. DCI Alma Blair and her partner Jo Black are having a romantic meal at a fine-dining restaurant when murder interrupts them. Julie Hesmondhalgh stars. Broadcast earlier as part of Woman's Hour.

Cast & Crew

DCI Alma Blair Julie Hesmondhalgh
DS Jason Trotter John Hollingworth
CSM Jo Black Jane Hazlegrove
Michelle Rosina Carbone
Richard Simeon Truby
Actor Jonathan Keeble
Director Justine Potter
Producer Justine Potter
Writer Val McDermid
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