Romance Is Dead

Romance Is Dead


OK, Valentine’s Day is now over, but this just happens to be one of the most successfully romantic dramas I have ever heard.

There’s no slushiness or Four-Weddings-and-a-Funeral forced poignancy. This is a simple story of girl meets boy.

The only problem is that she cannot stop seeing dead people — and they all want her to carry out their final requests.

After years of turning them down and living the life of a recluse, will an almost terrific one-night stand with a shy 28-year-old virgin change both of their futures?


By Ben Lewis. Lauren and Jamie would probably make a great couple - if only he wasn't dead. Alexandra Roach and Kieran Hodgson star in this charmingly quirky comedy drama about an unwilling young psychic.

Cast & Crew

Lauren Alexandra Roach
Jamie Kieran Hodgson
Tim Joseph Arkley
Jo Karen Bartke
Celia Elizabeth Bennett
Reginald Dennis Herdman
Director Kirsty Williams
Producer Kirsty Williams
Writer Ben Lewis
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