Jo Wood's Musical Muses

Jo Wood's Musical Muses

Series 1 - Episode 2



The best pop music has a bittersweet tinge and it’s that edge that Jo Wood is exploring in this series, looking at the poignant meanings behind many remarkable songs.

Surely there are not many people who don’t know the stories of the acrimonious relationship splits that fuelled Fleetwood Mac’s greatest album, Rumours, but they form the centrepiece of the programme, with Wood trying to make something fascinating out of the familiar.

There’s more of interest in Chris de Burgh’s account of how his best known song, Lady in Red, was inspired by an argument with his wife, while the exploration of Suzanne — by the late, great Leonard Cohen — lifts the lid on the identity of the unrequited love of whom Cohen wrote, “You’ve touched her perfect body with your mind.”


The model, TV personality and charity campaigner presents the second part of her special programme considering the people, stories and objects that have inspired famous pop songs.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jo Wood
Producer Julie Newman