The Verb




The Verb this week explores how each story can change in the telling, but if we don't tell the stories, how will we know who we are? Dragan Todorovic is a writer and multimedia artist. Originally from Yugoslavia, he loves small-town encounters in the UK, and considers what place he occupies in them as an exile. The Red Shed is Wakefield's Labour club and comedian Mark Thomas has been going there since he was a student. His new show is a love letter to the Red Shed and in it he explores how a sense of place can shape or distort our memory. Zoe Skoulding is a poet whose work encompasses translation and sound-based vocal performance. Her poems Radda and Teint explore hidden rivers, and what can we learn from the traces of what is no longer visible? Composer Alexis Kirke explains how computer algorithms can be used to chart emotion in the language we use.