The Thickness

The Thickness


By Daniel Lawrence Taylor. Marcus is a great father, intelligent, involved, cool, creative and spontaneous. So why is his 14-year-old daughter pregnant `by boredom' and his 17-year-old son trying to get off with Marcus' 21-year-old girlfriend? Also, why doesn't his ex-partner talk to him any more and what has happened to his family since he's been away? Razor-sharp satire about gender and power, starring Jason Barnett and Clare Perkins.

Cast & Crew

Marcus Jason Barnett
Grace Clare Perkins
Eli McKell David
Nathan Samson Kayo
Lyeasha Keziah Joseph
Clifford Alex Lanipekun
Andre Percelle Ascott
Nadine Yasmin Monet Prince
Director Jonquil Panting
Producer Jonquil Panting
Writer Daniel Lawrence Taylor
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