Boswell at Large: A Corsican Adventure

Boswell at Large: A Corsican Adventure


We may have witnessed the end of Victorian detective McLevy on Radio 4 (although I am still confident of a listener uprising), but his creator, David Ashton, lives on in this irreverent riff about the biographer James Boswell.

In 1765, on his Grand Tour, a 24-year-old Boswell travels to Corsica with trusted (but unpaid) manservant Jacob. The naive young adventurer hopes for excitement and plenty of sex. What he finds is an island obsessed with taking revenge against the Genoans.

He travels solely by donkey and there’s no chance of congress with women unless he’s prepared to risk death, or extremely unpleasant things done to him, or both. It’s a delightful, old-fashioned romp with plenty of laughs to boot.


By David Ashton. An irreverent take on James Boswell's Corsican journals. Boswell is now 24 and under pressure to grow up and become a man. He heads to Europe to buy some time and sets foot on Corsica, hoping for adventure, but what he finds is a fearless society of freedom fighters and their charismatic leader. Starring Lorn Macdonald.

Cast & Crew

Boswell Lorn Macdonald
Jacob Alasdair Hankinson
Luigi Andy Clark
Padre Guilio David Ashton
Countess Anita Vettesse
Ambrosio Jimmy Chisholm
Paoli Gavin Mitchell
Director Kirsty Williams
Producer Kirsty Williams
Writer David Ashton
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