Gerald Barry Alice's Adventures Underground

Gerald Barry Alice's Adventures Underground



Tom McKinney presents a recording of the long-awaited European premiere of Gerald Barry's latest opera, Alice's Adventures Under Ground. Inspired by Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass, the opera takes the form of a burlesque show with dark of undertones. The programme also offers a chance to hear Barry's earliest operatic experiment in a first broadcast of a take on La Traviata, which he made for Irish Radio in 1980, and Tom talks to the composer himself in an interview at London's Barbican Centre at the end of November. Gerald Barry: La Traviata for Actors and Megaphones. Peig Monahan, Séamus Forde, Gerald Barry (actors). Adventures Under Ground (European premiere). Barbara Hannigan (soprano: Alice), Allison Cook (mezzo: Red Queen/Queen of Hearts/Duchess/Mock Turtle), Hilary Summers (contralto: White Queen/Dormouse/Tiger Lily/Mock Turtle/Cook), Allan Clayton (tenor: White King/White Rabbit/Mad Hatter/Tweedledum/Frog Footman/Fawn), Peter Tantsits (tenor: March Hare/Tweedledee/Mock Turtle/Fish Footman), Mark Stone (baritone: White Knight/Cheshire Cat/Mock Turtle/Soldier), Joshua Bloom (bass: Humpty Dumpty/King of Hearts/Red Knight/Mock Turtle), Britten Sinfonia, conductor Thomas Adès.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Tom McKinney
Producer Peter Thresh