Reading Europe: Italy - The Story of a New Name

Reading Europe: Italy - The Story of a New Name

Series 1



Part one of a two-part adaptation of the Italian author's novel about two lifelong friends. Lila is separated from Lena when she is forced to give up her education.

Cast & Crew

Lena Monica Dolan
Lila Anastasia Hille
Lena (adolescent) Daisy Tompkinson
Lila (adolescent) Chloe Harris
Rino Tom Varey
Carmela Harriet Waters
Marcello Luke Williams
Michele Lee Rufford
Stefano Adam Long
Pasquale Joseph Palmer
Nino Sarratore Sam Lupton
Antonio Josh Bolt
Marisa Claudia Jolly
Pinuccia Kathryn Drysdale
Gigliola/Nadia Bessie Carter
Ada Nelly Harker
Enzo Brian Fletcher
Professor Galiani/Girl Sara Markland
Lena's mother Jane Whittenshaw
Toast master David Collings
Armando/Boy/Voice Josh Dylan
Dramatised By Timberlake Wertenbaker
Producer Celia de Wolff
Writer Elena Ferrante
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