Rebekka West, the visionary, passionate heroine of Rosmersholm inspired the English novelist to adopt that name. Ibsen's most complex play sees a society in turmoil through the lens of pastor John Rosmer and Rebekka, his social-revolutionary companion. Rosmer is recovering from the suicide of his unstable wife, Beata. Now Rebekka, replacing her in his affections, urges him to surrender his privileged place in conservative Norwegian society. A local elite plot to make him hold to the status quo. Can Rebekka prevail? Featuring music by Norwegian composer Marius Munthe-Kaas. Music composed and arranged by Marius Munthe-Kaas. Music supervisor, Giles Perring Gro Hole Austgulen (violin), Elin Kleppa Michalsen (violin), Anna Cecilia Johansson (viola), Olav Stener Olsen (cello). Translated by Frank McGuinness. Adapted and directed by Peter Kavanagh. 'Rosmersholm' premiered at the National Theatre, London, in 1987.

Cast & Crew

John Rosmer Nicholas Farrell
Rebekka West Helen Baxendale
Professor Kroll Ronald Pickup
Ulrik Brendel Karl Johnson
Peder Mortensgaard Philip Jackson
Mrs Helseth Christine Absolom
Adapted By Frank McGuinness
Adapted By Peter Kavanagh
Director Peter Kavanagh
Producer Peter Kavanagh
Writer Henrik Ibsen
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