Mark Haddon, Kei Miller, DBC Pierre, Meilyr Jones

Mark Haddon, Kei Miller, DBC Pierre, Meilyr Jones



Mark Haddon's latest book is a short story collection The Pier Falls. Mark reads from the title story and explains the relationship between his shorter fiction and his novels such as the acclaimed The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. Novelist and poet Kei Miller's book Augustown is set in Jamaica and begins with the story of Alexander Bedward. Bedward was a real person, a preacher and the founder of `Bedwardism'. Kei Miller tells how real events influenced his fictional story, and about the thrills of writing the blind character, Ma Taffy. The songwriter Meilyr Jones' debut solo album is 2013, influenced by the year he spent in Rome learning about romantic and renaisance art. Jones's album is a deeply literate one, inspired by influences as diverse as Lady Chatterley's Lover and the speeches of Anuerin Bevan. Presented by Ian McMillan.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ian McMillan
Producer Cecile Wright