The Essay: Cornerstones: Coal Measures

The Essay: Cornerstones: Coal Measures



The third of this week's series of essays in which writers reflect on how locations that matter to them are shaped by the underlying geology. The writer and broadcaster Paul Evans traces a family line back through Shropshire's seams of coal. Chawtermaster Peake is the collier ancestor who hewed coal from Coalbrookdale, birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Paul evokes Peake's Wood Pit near the Wrekin as it is today, abandoned in the 1970s, after having been scraped out by opencast mining. Nature is now reclaiming the site, but Paul reflects on the irony of the climate change that ended the Carboniferous period when the coal measures were laid down, contrasting it with the changes being experienced today as we enter the Anthropocene.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Paul Evans
Producer Mark Smalley