GF Newman's The Corrupted

GF Newman's The Corrupted

Series 3 - Episode 4



Drama by GF Newman, based on his best-selling novel Crime and Punishment. Jack and Brian are back in prison after a kilo of cocaine was found in Jack's flat, and Joseph is determined to get legal help to get Brian out again.

Cast & Crew

Joseph Oldman Toby Jones
Brian Joe Armstrong
Tony Wednesday Alec Newman
Cath Izabella Urbanowicz
Jack Jacob Fortune-Lloyd
Lord Goodman Edward Max
Leah Jasmine Hyde
Clair Hamil Susie Emmett
Margaret Thatcher Steve Nallon
Doreen Suzanne Proctor
Julian T Jonathan Tafler
Sir Robert Mark Patrick Cremin
John Redvers Joseph Kloska
Sonia Suzanne Proctor
DCI Fenwick Theo Fraser Steele
Ralph Courtney Nick Sampson
Director Clive Brill
Producer Clive Brill
Writer GF Newman
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