On Kosovo Field

Dance on the Mountain

Series 1 - Episode 4 Dance on the Mountain



Fin Kennedy's drama inspired by PJ Harvey's notebooks, poetry and songs from her travels in Kosovo. Siblings Rebeka and Dardan return to their native village with the set of keys, offering the chance to unlock their home and, with it, their memories. They are forced to confront the painful truth of what happened to their parents. Michelle Keegan and Nico Mirallegro star. Broadcast earlier as part of Woman's Hour.

Cast & Crew

Dardan Nico Mirallegro
Rebeka Michelle Keegan
Luan Nebli Basani
Lt Zoric Sokol Cahani
Ariana Eri Shuka
Fisnik Nikolaus Brahimllari
Director Nadia Molinari
Writer Fin Kennedy
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