Series 1 - Episode 1 Hungerford



On 19 August 1987 the quiet Berkshire town of Hungerford experienced almost unimaginable horror when Michael Ryan went on the rampage with rearms that were legally licensed to him.

Ryan killed 16 people before shooting himself. Another 15 people were attacked. It was the first mass shooting in this country and it brought the world’s press to Hungerford.

Alan Dein — oral historian, broadcaster and the most empathetic interviewer on British radio — talks to townspeople who were present at the time, finding out how they coped with what happened, the huge press presence, and the subsequent need to move on, not just for themselves but for the whole town.


Alan Dein visits Hungerford, 30 years on from the mass shootings of 1987 to investigate how the town has coped in the aftermath of this tragic event.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Alan Dein
Producer Melvin Rickarby