James Bond: Thunderball

James Bond: Thunderball


Dramatisation of Ian Fleming's novel. James Bond travels to the Bahamas on a mission to recover two stolen nuclear warheads that have fallen into the hands of a criminal syndicate.

Cast & Crew

James Bond Toby Stephens
Largo Tom Conti
Ernst Stavro Blofeld Alfred Molina
Domino Janet Montgomery
Dr Wain John Sessions
Patricia Lisa Dillon
Lippe James Callis
Leiter Josh Stamberg
Governor Ian Ogilvy
M. John Standing
Miss Moneypenny Janie Dee
Q. Julian Sands
Capt Clark Nigel Lindsay
Petacchi/Dietl Matthew Wolf
Sam Alan Shearman
Beresford/Pilot Darren Richardson
Kalyagin/Operator Aaron Lyons
Santos/Officer Simon De Deney
Ian Fleming Martin Jarvis
Director Martin Jarvis
Dramatised By Archie Scottney
Producer Rosalind Ayres
Writer Ian Fleming
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