Logan's Run and Intergenerational War

Logan's Run and Intergenerational War


Ed Howker presents a wry investigation into whether the ideas about ageing and overpopulation detailed in William F Nolan and George Clayton Johnson's 1967 sci-fi novel Logan's Run are relevant today. In the book, human social structure has developed to the point where anyone over the age of 21 is required to voluntarily self-cull themselves for the greater good of their community. Ed shares his view that large swathes of the capitalist world seem to have taken this disturbing process as a business model, citing the relatively young ages of the tech-gurus and entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley. However, he concedes that while younger staff are seizing control of the workplace, the balance of wealth is still overwhelmingly tipped in favour of the `the old'.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ed Howker
Producer David Stenhouse