Sunday Feature: The Other Third

Sunday Feature: The Other Third



Alan Dein explores the other voice of the Third Programme, not the plummy accent, or the rarefied readings and art music, but the articulate and expressive voice of so-called ordinary people, brought to the airwaves via a group of producers fascinated with everyday lives and the wild sounds they could collect beyond the confines of the radio studio. There's a significant omission to most studies of the life and times of the Third Programme. In the words of a title of one of the Third Programme's own history programmes, there are Gaps in the Record. The gap which the Third helped to fill through the work of figures like Douglas Cleverdon, Philip O'Connor, AL Lloyd, Alan Lomax and David Thomson, was to harness the stories of ordinary people's lives with a collection of creative and ground-breaking radio features and talks spanning the Third Programme's two decades. These programmes changed our conception of what radio should sound like and their influence continues in the programmes we hear today.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Alan Dein
Contributor Andrew Barrow
Contributor Alecky Blythe
Contributor Julia Cleverdon
Contributor Tim Dee
Contributor Jonathan Miller
Producer Martin Williams
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