Episode 1



First in a two-part dramatisation of Yevgeny Zamyatin's distopian novel, adapted by Sean O'Brien and set in a post-revolutionary future where dissent from the principle of rationality is punishable by death. A chief engineer becomes attracted to a woman, but soon finds himself questioning both her identity and his own. Anton Lesser, Brigit Forsyth and Don Warrington star. First aired in 2004.

Cast & Crew

D-503 Anton Lesser
U. Brigit Forsyth
R-13 Don Warrington
I-330 Joanna Riding
0-90 Julia Rounthwaite
Benefactor Russell Dixon
Tannoy Emma Clarke
Babushka Judith Davis
S. Patrick Bridgman
Second Engineer Paul Viragh
Abridged By Sean O'Brien
Director Jim Poyser
Writer Yevgeny Zamyatin
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