The Essay: All Miss Brodie's Girls?: Louise Welsh

The Essay: All Miss Brodie's Girls?: Louise Welsh



Muriel Spark, whose centenary falls this month, was a Scot, an exile, a poet, a codebreaker, a convert to a particularly Calvinist form of Catholicism from a particularly low-key Judaism and the cosmopolitan author of slender, sophisticated novels whose bestselling book mined her own schooldays in the Edinburgh of the 1930s. She may be most famous for The Prime of Jean Brodie, but Spark wrote more than 20 novels, plus poems and plays. She was a writer of many facets, all of them glittering, and is now recognised as the most important Scottish writer of the 20th century. Here, writer Louise Welsh reflects on the theme of the Uncanny in the writing of Spark through her story The House of the Famous Poet.

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