Holding Back the Tide

Holding Back the Tide

Episode 1



When Richard and Clare inherit a house from his deceased aunt they are not expecting the legacy to include John Hector, living in the cellar but not averse to walking in to any other room in the house.

How lovely to have Ronald Pickup back on radio after his recent acclaimed performances in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Richard and Clare are, understandably, not best pleased to discover their unexpected lodger but their own personal problems quickly become their prime concern: Richard has been made redundant but has not told his wife until their arrival to inspect the house. Hector’s positive personality helps them as well as the town.

This is a proper, old-fashioned, feel-good drama — and there’s nothing wrong in that.


By Nick Warburton. A southern couple inherit a house near Yorkshire's coast, and soon find themselves drawn into a preservation group fighting against the modernisation of the nearby town. Comedy, with Paul Ritter, Kate Duchene and Ronald Pickup. A new episode can be heard next week.

Cast & Crew

Richard Paul Ritter
Clare Kate Duchene
John Ronald Pickup
Lux Michelle Asante
Penrith Chris Pavlo
Trafford Gerald McDermott
Mrs Cardabbon Susan Jameson
Estate agent Caolan McMarthy
Director Sally Avens
Writer Nick Warburton
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