What Happens at Salsa

Series 2 - Episode 1 What Happens at Salsa



Writer Kay Stonham’s sitcom is about three women who met in cancer treatment and who, in recovery, started salsa dancing.

This does not sound like the premise for fun, but Stonham invited women from the Ovarian Cancer Action supporters group to read the scripts for her first series and they assured her that she was on the right track

Talk of cancer makes an inevitable appearance but it does not dominate these strong women’s lives — there are more laughs than tears.


Return of the drama following three women as they attend salsa classes and try to regain a sense of normalcy in life following their successful battles with varying cancers. In the first edition, Camille reveals her plan to start a new life with Marco, while Jill struggles with jealousy and living with Tim's parents. Chippy discovers Tinder, and Gordon takes advantage of the opportunities presented by his new salsa role.

Cast & Crew

Chippy Sharon Rooney
Jill Natasha Little
Terri Camille Coduri
Marco Derek Elroy
Gordon Andrew Obeney
Georgie Emily Chase
Joel Joe Johnsey
Marnie Jessica Turner
Director Alison Vernon-Smith
Producer Alison Vernon-Smith
Writer Kay Stonham
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