The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains

The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains

Series 1 - Episode 1



Be careful what you wish for as there can be a vast gulf between what you think you desire and what you actually need. Neil Gaiman’s dark tale, richly evocative of the Scottish islands in which it is set, opens with a man full of regret: “I will not forgive myself for the year I hated my daughter.”

Bill Paterson, soon to appear as Private Frazer in the new film version of Dad’s Army, narrates Gaiman’s story of revenge and ruefulness. The aforementioned father sets out on a search for a mountain cave, purported to hold more gold than the human mind can comprehend. The only problem is, once out of the cave life is never the same again — as if part of the soul has been left behind.

As the nights grow ever darker this is the perfect bedtime story — just don’t have nightmares.


By Neil Gaiman, abridged by Karen Rose. A dwarf seeks a guide to a certain cave on the Misty Isle.

Cast & Crew

Abridged By Karen Rose
Producer Karen Rose
Writer Neil Gaiman