Composer of the Week: Sibelius the Finn


Episode 4 War



Donald Macleod explores three of Sibelius's most powerful and unusual evocations of the Finnish character. One hundred and fifty years after he was born, Jean Sibelius remains the most famous and important artistic figure in Finland's history, and indeed, their most famous celebrity in any field. Sibelius: Erloschen (Burned Out),. Tom Krause (soprano), Irwin Gage (piano). Pohjola's Daughter, Op 49. Hallé Orchestra, conductor Mark Elder. A-dlan (The Lizard), Op 8. Laura Vikman (solo violin), Jaako Kuusisto (violin), Jykri Lasonpalo (violin), Anna Kreetta Gribajcevic (viola), Taneli Turunen (cello), Eero Munter (double bass). Luonnotar. Soile Isokoski (soprano), Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Leif Segerstam. Give Me No Splendour, Gold, or Pomp: Lilla Academy Boys' Choir.

Cast & Crew

Producer Steven Rajam