Between the Ears: White Rabbits in Sussex

Between the Ears: White Rabbits in Sussex



In 1969 the Ditchling Players, from a small East Sussex village, put on their own production of Lewis Carroll’s Alice through the Looking Glass. A young girl called Martha Kearney played the title role — whatever happened to her?

Fifty albums were pressed as keepsakes for the cast. They now sell for hundreds of dollars with a cult status as the pre-eminent example of English “pastoral psych folk”. Musician David Bramwell takes his own psychedelic trip around the Sussex Downs, looking for a muse in the hills and rivers.


Musician David Bramwell investigates the unlikely story of how, in 1969, an amateur dramatic production of `Alice Through the Looking Glass', starring an eight-year-old Martha Kearney, became one of the most sought-after psychedelic records in the world. Heading out over the Sussex Downs to Ditchling, he discovers how young musician duo Peter Howell and John Ferdinando created the distinctive soundtrack for the Ditchling Players performance of Alice.

Cast & Crew

Producer Sara Jane Hall