Born in the DDR

Born in the DDR


Who’s the rock star you most associate with Berlin? David Bowie? Iggy Pop? David Hasselhoff? None can quite claim to have had the same influence as Bruce Springsteen, whose 1988 concert in East Berlin is often credited as boosting the hopes of a generation desperate to escape the Communist regime, leading ultimately to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In this entertaining drama Jonathan Myerson tells the story of how small-time promoter “Pony” (Bryan Dick) persuaded both the Boss and the authorities to stage a gig for hundreds and thousands of youths — basically through a mixture of chutzpah, luck and a little bit of deceit. The music is great, naturally, but also listen out for Mark Heap as a Stasi major bewildered by all the fuss: “It’s just… music”.


Jonathan Myerson's drama follows the incredible night in July 1988, when Bruce Springsteen played a gig in East Berlin in front of an estimated audience of 300,000 people. Starring Bryan Dick, Mark Heap, Ayesha Antoine and Chris Pavlo.

Cast & Crew

Pony Bryan Dick
Lutz Mark Heap
Bettina Ayesha Antoine
Wolfie Chris Pavlo
Rudi Mark Edel-Hunt
Hanne Hannah Arterton
Monika Rhiannon Neads
Landau Sam Dale
Avram David Acton
Conny Jane Slavin
Shop owner Stephen Critchlow
Audience member Tom York
Director Jonquil Panting
Producer Jonquil Panting
Writer Jonathan Myerson
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