A Brief History of Anger

A Brief History of Anger


American satirist Joe Queenan is a very angry man. His children make him angry, his job makes him angry, the producer of this programme makes him angry. He once bought a large hotdog with extra onions and smeared the grease-laden topping across the car windscreen of someone who’d driven into the parking space he was waiting for. That made him happy.

He is the perfect presenter for this collection of excerpts of people “losing it” on live radio. We are treated to a terrific spat between Jeremy Paxman and former newspaper publisher Conrad Black that climaxes in the latter threatening to punch Paxo in the face. And then there’s Russell Crowe who pulls off his mike and storms out of the studio when Mark Lawson dares to question his accent in Robin Hood.

But the best is left until last: an enraged Joan Rivers erupts at Darcus Howe on Midweek after he suggests she is a racist — proof positive there’s nothing like the fury of a woman scorned…


Satirist Joe Queenan presents a selection of spats, tantrums and outbursts from the BBC archive. He features both good and bad anger, with excerpts featuring Christopher Hitchens, Conrad Black, Russell Crowe, Joan Rivers, Joan Bakewell, John Prescott and Johnny Cash. Plus, interviews with John Sergeant, Natalie Haynes and Matthew Parris.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Joe Queenan
Guest John Sergeant
Guest Natalie Haynes
Guest Matthew Parris
Producer Miles Warde