Simon Evans Goes to Market


Series 1 - Episode 1 Land



Why are the British so obsessed with owning their own homes? Now’s the time to find out and have a laugh at the same time as Simon Evans kicks off his four-part series on the financial markets with a look at property investment.

The emphasis here is on the comic, with Evans’s guests — FT columnist Tim Harford, Money Week’s editor-in-chief Merryn Somerset Webb and Who Owns Britain author Kevin Cahill — finding it difficult to get a word in edgeways in between jokes about Location, Location, Location and Property Ladder.

There are some factual gems in among the undeniably entertaining banter and, with further programmes to come on gold, oil and grain, whether you enjoy this series or not depends on what you wish to gain from it. This is very much informative comedy rather than comic information.


Comedy show aiming to make economics fun and to get people involved in investment. Simon Evans and experts including Tim Harford and Merryn Somerset Webb focus on the four commodities of land, gold, oil and grain in a bid to gain a greater understanding of how global economic forces have a far-reaching and often surprising impact on people's lives. In the first edition, the comedian and experts are joined by Kevin Cahill to examine the commodity of land, how it came to be traded and who really owns the land people buy. From 2014.

Cast & Crew

Host Simon Evans
Guest Tim Harford
Guest Merryn Somerset Webb
Guest Kevin Cahill
Producer Tilusha Ghelani
Writer Simon Evans
Writer Benjamin Partridge
Writer Guy Venables
Writer Andy Wolton
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