Series 1 - Episode 5



David Cummings and Paul Whitehouse's comedy continues tastefully to find that sensitive but rewarding spot in which mental health problems can be a source of laughter and fresh thinking, as well as enduring sadness. The patients of the visiting community psychiatric nurse (Esther Coles, who nicely judges her character's mix of levity and helplessness) are bruised but not closed off quite yet.

This week's 15-minute sprinkle of moments sees new frustration for Gary, whose senile mother (Marcia Warren) still refuses to recognise him despite him having moved in, and a setback for compulsive, agoraphobic, short-tempered Billy, whose unhelpful best mate (Simon Day) gives Nurse one of its darkest edges.

Mostly, we're now able to enjoy popping in on our charges. Randy romantic Herbert puts forward his theory that Milton would have been a poorer poet without his syphilitic visions - Milton has, however, not responded to any of Herbert's letters - while the final upswing comes courtesy of overeater Graham, who benefits from some inspired on-the-spot therapy. All the main male roles are played by Paul Whitehouse himself, whose gift for broad yet nuanced character comedy has few equals.


Comedy drama, written by Paul Whitehouse and David Cummings, following a community psychiatric nurse into the homes of her patients, recounting their humorous, sad and often bewildering daily interactions with their visitor, whose job is to assess their progress, dispense medication and offer comfort and support. Starring Paul Whitehouse, Esther Coles and Simon Day. First aired in 2014.

Cast & Crew

Gary/Billy/Ted/Herbert/Graham Paul Whitehouse
Nurse Esther Coles
Phyllis Marcia Warren
Tony Simon Day
Producer Paul Whitehouse
Producer Tilusha Ghelani
Writer Paul Whitehouse
Writer David Cummings
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