Mark Steel's in Town


Series 5 - Episode 6 Huddersfield



The last stop on Mark Steel's tour of towns in need of an affectionate ribbing is Huddersfield, and he concludes that it's just what you'd expect a town in the middle of Yorkshire to be.

But before he reaches that conclusion there's the locals' dour pessimism to explore, the extraordinary crimes that take place there, the legacy of Luddism, which was born in the town, the unique construction of the indoor market, the cultural significance of brass bands, rugby league - and, of course, the exploits of three elderly men in Last of the Summer Wine.

Throughout the series, Steel has displayed an aptitude for accents and he ends on a high, delivering a speech in French - with a Yorkshire accent. His feeble knowledge of Last of the Summer Wine is brutally exposed when talking to the owner of Sid's Cafe in Holmfirth, but he's stronger on the Luddism, explaining why still buying CDs instead of downloading music does not make you a Luddite - though if I were CEO of iTunes I'd steer clear of anyone calling themselves one. Steel describes precisely why in one of his  trademark wry twists on historical fact.


The comedian visits Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, the historical home of Luddism, rugby league, and Last of the Summer Wine. Mark delights the audience at the Lawrence Batley Theatre with his views on local crime, brass bands, and by not spending any money while on stage.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Mark Steel
Producer Ed Morrish
Writer Mark Steel
Writer Pete Sinclair