Flaw in the Motor, Dust in the Blood

Flaw in the Motor, Dust in the Blood


There’s an autobiographical element to this compelling examination of what it means to be bipolar. It’s author, Trevor Preston (The Sweeney, Callan and Out among his TV credits), said “I’ve been a manic depressive and that’s why my career is so patchy. When I’m OK, I write a lot. And when I’m not OK, I don’t write.”

Thomas is a talented writer, confounded by stultifying medicine or, if he stops taking it, devastating mood swings. Rory Kinnear throws his heart into the role and, as sad as it is at times, it is ultimately a story of redemption through love.


A manic-depressive man's dreams serve only to highlight the tedium of his life, and he finds himself embarking on an ill-advised scheme when his relationship with his partner reaches crisis point. Drama by Trevor Preston, with Rory Kinnear, Susan Engel, Fenella Woolgar, Janice Acquah, Paul Rider, Jonathan Tafler, Manjeet Mann and Inam Mirza. First aired in 2008.

Cast & Crew

Thomas Rory Kinnear
Dr Klein Susan Engel
Amy Fenella Woolgar
Lizzie Janice Acquah
Peter Paul Rider
Dr Beard Jonathan Tafler
Nita Manjeet Mann
Ratched Inam Mirza
Director Toby Swift
Writer Trevor Preston
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