History Retweeted

The Premiere of Romeo and Juliet

Series 1 - Episode 2 The Premiere of Romeo and Juliet



Another slice of social media silliness. This time the premiere of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is put through the Twittersphere.

You could easily spend each episode trying to work out whether each tweet was 140 characters long, but then you might miss the fun of the hashtag game #ShakespeareFood and the public information announcement on denouncing witches.

If you really wanted to, you could read into the first-night review tweets a trenchant commentary on facile, knee-jerk reactions to culture that increasingly are obscuring more considered responses — but I'm a professional reviewer, so I would say that.

One glaring omission is any mention of tweeters moaning about spoilers — surely someone would be upset to learn [SPOILER ALERT] that they both die at the end?


By Tim Barnes and Simon Berry. A journey back in time as world events from days gone by are reimagined with a modern twist. In the second episode, up-and-coming playwright Billy Shakespeare ponders how his new play will be received by the internet community. Featuring the voices of Tim Barnes, Simon Berry, Wayne Forester, Annabelle Llewellyn, Peter Temple, Jelly Macintosh and Lucy Beaumont.

Cast & Crew

Producer Sally Harrison
Writer Tim Barnes
Writer Simon Berry