Mark Steel's in Town


Series 5 - Episode 2 Derry/Londonderry



Trying to make light of Derry's troubled past is a tricky business, and this edition finds Mark Steel on not such rip-roaring form as usual. That's not to say he's unfunny, but he does seem to spend a rather lot of time recounting history.

However, he's a consummate professional and he easily gets laughs out of the absurdity of the city being officially named Derry~Londonderry for its European City of Culture tenure; the citizens' renewed enthusiasm for anything, absolutely anything, new; the piffling train service; the rivalry with Belfast; and the fact Derry culture until recently meant "marching with a whistle or singing republican songs".

If you visit he says you may notice a touch of anger in Derry citizens, but from the sound of his audience they're all jovial and happy to laugh at anything — including bombings.


The comedian continues his tour of UK towns, creating stand-up sets for each location and exploring regional eccentricities. Today he takes a trip to Derry-Londonderry, where he looks at its somewhat contentious history, as well as the impact of being the 2013 City of Culture, its local dialect, and the new bridge that's got everyone talking.

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Presenter Mark Steel