The Secret World

The Secret World

Series 4 - Episode 1



When an impressionist has such a distinct face, sketches can fall flat on television, no matter how uncanny the voice. The same could be said of Jon Culshaw and Debra Stephenson, so a return to radio should bode well.

I have to say, however, it’s a mixed bag. The John Craven skit was by far the funniest, where he’s challenged to sex up Countryfile à la cult US show Breaking Bad. “Have you ever cooked crystal meth?” asks a terribly posh female TV exec. Ironically, the impersonation of Craven is probably the least accomplished in the programme.

Not so the ones of Alan Bennett, Jools Holland and William Hague, whose vocal quirks are caught to a T, though the scripts could have been tighter. In all, the show leaves a satisfactory, if not great, impression.


The impression show examining the bizarre and surprising private lives of public figures returns, ignoring received opinion about people including William Hague, Jon Craven, Ray Winstone and James Naughtie. Starring Jon Culshaw, Julian Dutton, Debra Stephenson and Duncan Wisbey.

Cast & Crew

Actor Jon Culshaw
Actor Julian Dutton
Actor Lewis Macleod
Actor Jess Robinson
Actor Debra Stephenson
Actor Duncan Wisbey
Producer Bill Dare
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