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Bye Bye Baby - Pop Heart-throbs

Series 1 - Episode 40 Bye Bye Baby - Pop Heart-throbs



I must be very careful what I say here, I’m on dangerous ground. One false move could see me torn to shreds by hordes of hysterical girls irate over some perceived slight to their idol, Harry Styles. (In the interest of balance I must say that not all One Direction fans are little monsters — unlike Lady Gaga’s.)

All of which is a rambling introduction to Stuart Maconie’s focus this week on the Bay City Rollers’ earworm hit Bye Bye Baby and the British heart-throb phenomenon in which the Rollers sit in a continuum from Tommy Steele to One Direction. Heart-throbs come in many shapes and sizes, including Cliff Richard, the Beatles, the Stones, Wham! and Take That. But is it the songs that are important or the faces?


Stuart Maconie uses Bay City Rollers' 1975 number one Bye Bye Baby as starting point to examine the history of the teenage heart-throb in popular culture, from silent movie star Rudolph Valentino to Harry Styles of One Direction.

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Presenter Stuart Maconie
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