By Robert L Pike, dramatised by Adrian Bean. Crime thriller set in 1963 New York, starring Jason Isaacs as a detective who fails in his assignment to protect an important Mafia witness, and tries to identify the killer before the tough assistant district attorney finds out. Also starring Kerry Shale, Lou Hirsch and Bruce Alexander.

Cast & Crew

Lt Clancy Jason Isaacs
ADA Chalmers/Barnett/Renick/Johnny Kerry Shale
Det Kaprowski Lou Hirsch
Capt Wise/Johnny/Ship's officer John Biggins
Dr Willard/Pete Stephen Hogan
Doc Freeman/Sergeant Bruce Alexander
Det Mary Kelly Sasha Pick
Ann/LAPD officer Emerald O'Hanrahan
Hotel manager/Chalmers' secretary Kate Layden
Director Pauline Harris
Dramatised By Adrian Bean
Producer Pauline Harris
Writer Robert L Pike
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