Series 2 - Episode 2 Ransomware



By Philip Palmer. Crisis management consultant Bradley Shoreham is hired to put a City hedge fund's cyber defences to the test, a task that proves more difficult than usual owing to Shoreham's technophobia. Although barely computer-literate, Bradley devises a box of tricks with which to do battle with the firm's IT experts, and simulates what could happen if a multimillion pound business were brought to its knees. Drama, starring Tim Woodward.

Cast & Crew

Bradley Tim Woodward
Malcolm Michael Bertenshaw
Toby Nathan Stewart-Jarrett
Andrea Lydia Leonard
Danny Matthew Watson
Geoff David Seddon
Melissa Philippa Stanton
IT analyst Ben Crowe
Senior manager Hannah Wood
Director Eoin O'Callaghan
Producer Sasha Yevtushenko
Writer Philip Palmer
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