Daphnis and Chloe

Daphnis and Chloe


By Longus. The ancient Greek tale of two naive lovers who were attacked by pirates, but helped by supernatural forces and the power of their rapport with nature. Adrian Scarborough and Lyndsey Marshal star. Originally broadcast in 2006.

Cast & Crew

Longus Adrian Scarborough
Chloe Lyndsey Marshal
Daphnis Ben McKay
Lamo/Megacles Kim Wall
Myrtale/Lycaenium Tracy Wiles
Philetas/Dionyosophanes Geoffrey Beevers
Love/Astylus Simon Trinder
Dryas/Gnatho/Lampis Anthony Glennon
Abridged By Hattie Naylor
Director Jeremy Mortimer
Producer Jeremy Mortimer
Writer Longus
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