Baker, Emily and Me

Baker, Emily and Me



The dwindling market for short stories seems at odds with the continuing popularity of short-form fiction. The 16th series of Opening Lines, which offers new writers the opportunity to have their work read on Radio 4, attracted thousands of entries.

In this story, the first of only three chosen for broadcast, author Claire Fuller paints evocative word pictures of a small-scale but dangerous mission undertaken in a dystopian future drenched in Blade Runner-style rain.

An example to all would-be authors, Fuller didn’t begin writing fiction until she was 40. Now her first novel is about to be published.


Lizzie Watts reads new writer Claire Fuller's post-apocalyptic tale, which is set in a world of constant rain. A young girl is thrilled to be part of a plan to steal a chicken from the Snatchers.

Cast & Crew

Reader Lizzy Watts
Producer Gemma Jenkins
Writer Claire Fuller