Phineas and Ferb

Episode Guide

Series 4 - 41. Star Wars

Spoof of Star Wars in which the fate of the galaxy lies in the hands of the inventive brothers.

Series 4 - 29. Steampunx

Animated series about two very different stepbrothers who take part in weird and wonderful...

Series 4 - 12. Bee Story

The fireside girls turn themselves into bees to discover why the insects have all disappeared.

Series 4 - 11. Bee Day

Doof hatches an evil scheme to take over the Tri-State area by gaining the power to control...

Series 4 - 7. Sidetracked

Agent P teams up with human agent Lyla to stop a hijacked train, save the passengers and rescue...

Series 4 - 4. Bully Bust

Candace persuades Buford to guard the boys' latest invention, a device to revolutionise dental...