What time is Shetland on TV?

Everything you need to know about the return of the detective drama set on the Scottish archipelago

Douglas Henshall, Shetland

What time is Shetland on TV?

The fourth series of the detective drama continues 9pm Tuesday 20th February, BBC1 


What can I expect from the next episode?

Detective Jimmy Perez switches that lovely voice, the one like the distant rumble of a waterfall, to “I’m very cross with you” mode as he confronts liars and thugs.

Tommy Malone, released on appeal after a court found his murder conviction to be shaky, has been subjected to brutal summary “justice” from some angry Shetland islanders.

Malone is a strange and (understandably) terrified man, but he doesn’t help himself by creeping around the island, scaring young women at bus stops and staring through windows. But maybe he’s been pushed too close to the edge?

It’s a solid mystery – there’s been another murder, of a young woman journalist – although it feels generic. The woman was working on an explosive story about a local Big Bad Business, which is hardly new.

But it’s the characters we come for, particularly Tosh (Alison O’Donnell), who’s quietly struggling with a despair she tries to hide.

Review by Alison Graham

Who’s in the cast?

Here’s characters and actors to look out for…

DI Jimmy Perez Douglas Henshall

DS Alison `Tosh’ McIntosh Alison O’Donnell

DC Sandy Wilson Steven Robertson

Duncan Hunter Mark Bonnar

Rhona Kelly Julie Graham