What time is Troy: Fall of a City on TV?

Everything you need to know about the BBC’s new mythical drama

Louis Hunter and Bella Dayne as Paris and Helen in Troy: Fall of a City (BBC, HF)

What time is Troy: Fall of a City on TV?

The series continues 9.10pm Saturday 24th February, BBC1


What can we expect from the first episode?

Helen and Paris reach Troy, and discover news of their illicit elopement has arrived ahead of them. Rulers Priam and Hecuba engage in an agonising debate over whether to send Helen back to her husband, or face the consequences of defiance. Meanwhile, in Sparta, Menelaus and his brother Agamemnon marshal the Greek forces in preparation of an invasion of Troy. Notable in his absence is Odysseus, king of Ithaca, but is he really as ill as he claims to be?

Who’s in the cast?

Below are the characters and actors to look out for, but you can find a full guide here.

Paris/Alexander Louis Hunter

Priam David Threlfall

Hecuba Frances O’Connor

Hector Tom Weston-Jones

Andromache Chloe Pirrie

Cassandra Aimee-Ffion Edwards

Pandarus Alex Lanipekun

Menelaus Jonas Armstrong


Helen Bella Dayne