People loved McMafia’s suspenseful sixth episode: “Finally something bloody happened!”

Viewers were seriously gripped by McMafia’s most eventful episode to date

Juliet Rylance, McMafia (BBC, EH)

It’s fair to say that BBC1’s McMafia has been a slow burner. The Sunday night drama began with a lot of long pauses and spreadsheet-fiddling from James Norton, and not a great deal of action.


How things have changed.

The sixth episode of the international crime thriller reached a shocking climax this week, with Alex Godman’s fiancée Rebecca (Juliet Rylance) suffering a gunshot to the stomach, mere seconds after revealing she was pregnant.

It was a brutal turn of events, but viewers were relieved that at last, the drama was gathering pace…

People can’t wait another week to find out if Rebecca is alright…


McMafia continues on Sunday 4th February at 9pm on BBC1