What time is Hard Sun on TV?

Everything you need to know about the near-future thriller from the writer of Luther

Hard Sun

Hard Sun is a new, apocalyptic crime drama on the BBC. Here’s how to watch it, what to expect and who’s in the cast…


What time is Hard Sun on TV?

The next episode of Hard Sun is on Saturday 20th January at 9:30pm on BBC1.

What can we expect?

It’s quite a trick that writer Neil Cross pulls off in this series. He wrangles a story that on one level is about the end of the world and on another is about a tense rivalry between two cops. Plus, each week, there are murder cases to solve, just like a regular crime drama.

And it all hangs together pretty seamlessly. Except, that is, when the seams are ripped apart by another outbreak of horror. Tonight that’s provided by Richard Coyle as Thom, a Christian who has been traumatised by working with refugees. Thom is angry with God and does awful things as a result…

Once again Cross devises shocking scenes – not just violent but morally disturbing, too. One sequence on a London bus is a real gut-punch of misery.
That breaks new ground, of sorts. The storyline involving a priest who can’t break the vow of the confessional really doesn’t.

Review by David Butcher

Who is in the cast?

Model and actress Agyness Deyn and Cloud Atlas star Jim Sturgess lead the drama, with support from Luther’s Nikki Amuka-Bird. You can see more details about the cast and characters here.

Is it violent?

In a previous issue of Radio Times, TV writer David Butcher warns: “the pre-title opening scene where Agyness Deyn’s character is attacked in her house is really nasty”. Perhaps not one for the faint of heart.


Is there a Hard Sun trailer? 

Oh, yes…