Is Rick and Morty on Netflix?

How to watch and stream the surreal science fiction cartoon


It is clear that adult animated science-fiction sitcom sensation, Rick and Morty has changed our cultural landscape. A joke in series three even caused McDonald’s to re-launch its Szechuan dipping sauce, previously only available in 1998.


The show follows Rick, a mad scientist who drags his nervy and reluctant grandson, Morty, through portals into different dimensions to go on strange adventures.

In the US, Rick and Morty is broadcast on Adult Swim. When series one and two aired, UK viewers could only stream it on their website.

But since series three aired in July 2017, UK viewers have been able to stream it on Netflix. However, viewers had to wait a week after each episode was shown in the US, for it to be uploaded.


Dates are yet to be released for the fourth series, so viewers will have to watch this (dimension’s) space.