This trailer for Netflix’s Stephen King movie 1922 is pretty grisly

A man brutally murders his wife but cannot escape from his crime

Stephen King's 1922

“I believe that there’s another man inside every man,” Wilfred James drawls in the trailer for 1922, the Netflix film based on a Stephen King novella.


And, it seems, the man inside Wilfred (played by Thomas Jane) is a violent murderer.

The trailer shows how events escalate into grisly horror. When his wife Arlette (Molly Parker) declares that she wants to sell the family farm and uproot him and his son to the big city, Wilfred puts his foot down – so Arlette asks for a divorce.

Instead, Wilfred kills her. But she won’t stay dead.

The story comes from a 2010 Stephen King novella and is directed by Zak Hilditch.


Hot on the heels of IT’s success in cinemas, 1922 will arrive on Netflix on 20th October: just in time for Halloween.