Meet the cast of Endeavour series five

The now-DS Morse returns for a new collection of mysteries
By Huw Fullerton

Shaun Evans – DS Endeavour Morse

Who does he play?


The younger version of John Thaw’s Inspector Morse from the original TV series, Evans’ Morse is currently a Detective Sergeant in Oxford.

Where do I know him from? 

Endeavour is by far Evans’ best known role, though he has also appeared in Teachers, Silk, Ashes to Ashes and The Scandalous Lady W among other productions. He is also a director and helmed an episode of Casualty last year.

Roger Allam – DI Fred Thursday

Who does he play? 

Morse’s immediate boss, Thursday is a detective formerly from London and a staunch family man.

Where do I know him from?

Allam is a longtime veteran of stage and screen, appearing in the likes of Ashes, to Ashes, Game of Thrones, Parade’s End, The Missing, The Book Thief, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and The Lady in the Van in the last few years alone. He also once appeared in a 1987 episode of Inspector Morse.

Anton Lesser – PCS Reginald Bright

Who does he play? 

The by-the-book boss of Morse and Thursday, Bright has come to form a grudging respect for Morse’s methods.

Where do I know him from?

Lesser is probably best known now for his role as the villainous Qyburn in Game of Thrones, though he’s also had major roles in Wolf Hall, Ripper Street, Dickensian, The Hollow Crown and Agatha Christie’s Poirot in recent years.

Dakota Blue Richards – WPC Trewlove

Who does she play? 

An enthusiastic young constable, Trewlove’s apparent naivety hides surprisingly useful skills and knowledge.

Where do I know her from?

Blue Richards burst onto the acting scene with the lead role of Lyra in the film adaptation of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy (though only the first film was made). She has since starred in e4 series Skins and other TV and film roles.

Sean Rigby – DS Jim Strange

Who does he play?

A younger version of Morse’s boss from the original Inspector Morse series, Strange is still rising through the ranks at the time of Endeavour.

Where do I know him from?

Rigby has only appeared in Endeavour and short film Isabella.

Abigail Thaw – Dorothea Frazil

Who does she play? 

Editor of the real-life Oxford Mail newspaper, Frazil is a talented journalist who has developed a friendship with Morse.

Where do I know her from? 

Thaw has appeared in the likes of Black Mirror, Love Soup, I Want my Wife Back, Doctors, Casualty and The Bill over the years, but she’s also known for being the daughter of original Morse actor John Thaw. Her character’s name is actually a play on her own surname, with De-Frazil meaning to de-ice, or thaw something.

James Bradshaw – Dr Max DeBryn

Who does he play?

The Home Office Pathologist, Dr DeBryn has a wry sense of humour, and appeared as an older man in early episodes of the original Inspector Morse series played by Peter Woodthorpe.

Where do I know him from? 

Bradshaw is best known for playing Gordon Grimley in The Grimleys, as well as his current role as DS Geoff Thorpe in Hollyoaks. He has also appeared in Primeval, EastEnders, Coronation Street, Heartbeat and Mile High among other programmes.

Caroline O’Neill – Win Thursday

Who does she play?

Win is the devoted wife of Roger Allam’s Fred Thursday

Where do I know her from? 

O’Neill has appeared in Doc Martin, Queer as Folk, Lewis, EastEnders, Coronation Street and Grange Hill among other series, with a recent appearance in Happy Valley as pivotal character Lynn Dewhurst.

Lewis Peek – DC George Fancy

Lewis Peek as George Fancy in Endeavour series five) ITV, HF)

Who does he play?

Fancy is the new man in Cowley police station, and his casual attitude leads him to clash with Morse.

Where do I know him from?

Peek is probably best known for his role as Ted Carkeek in Poldark.

Sara Vickers – Joan Thursday

Sara Vickers as Joan Thursday in Endeavour (ITV, HF)

Who does she play?

The slightly estranged daughter of Fred and Win, Joan also has a complex romantic history with Morse.

Where do I know her from?

Scottish actor Vickers has also appeared in The Crown, Shetland, Privates, Taggart, Man Down, Lovesick and Breaking among other projects.

Ian Pirie – Lt Col McDuff

Ian Pirie in Endeavour (ITV, HF)


Robert Portal – Major Coward

Robert Portal in Endeavour (ITV, HF)

Remaining cast list

Jack Bannon – Sam Thursday

Steven Elder – Barker

Claire Ganaye – Claudine

Caroline Goodall – Lady Bayswater

Dominic Thorburn – Dr Rex Laidlaw

Jules Robertson – Debating Society President

Marcus Griffiths – Marcus X

Ray Sesay – Pte Oswald

Lee Armstrong – Pte Collier

William Scott-Masson – Col Champion

Bert Seymour – 2nd Lt Carmichael

Greg Austin – Kit Hutchens

Rebecca Saire – Hazel Radowicz

Sam Marks – Justin Farridge

Dominic Carter – CSM Davies

Leo Hatton – Jean Ward

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