What’s going to happen in Call the Midwife series seven?

The nuns and nurses of Nonnatus House will be back – and they've got plenty of stories left to tell


Call the Midwife series six is done and dusted, leaving us bereft of the nuns and nurses of Nonnatus House for the time being.


Their story doesn’t end on the night of Barbara and Tom’s wedding, though – here’s everything you need to know about what’s to come…

Will there be another series of Call The Midwife?

There will be THREE more series of Call The Midwife. The BBC is so happy with the drama that they’ve already ordered a further three runs of eight episodes, plus three Christmas specials to go with them.

What’s going to happen in the Call The Midwife Christmas special?

As far as we know the 2017 Christmas special will pick up after Tom and Barbara’s wedding and take us through Britain’s coldest winter on record – The Big Freeze of 1962-3,

What’s going to happen in Call The Midwife series seven? 

Series six left our characters in a variety of circumstances, setting up plenty of potential plots for the episodes to come.


Patsy and Delia were reunited as Nurse Mount FINALLY returned from Hong Kong following her father’s death. She promised Delia that if she left again she’d be taking her with her. Could the duo finally go public with their romance after absence so clearly made their hearts grow fonder?


Trixie and dentist Christopher’s daughter, Alexandra, really hit it off, bonding over crushed raspberry nail polish and the prospect of a trip to Boots. The dentist seems totally smitten with Nonnatus House’s independent woman – could the duo follow in Tom and Barbara’s footsteps and take the plunge?


Shelagh and Doctor Turner have just become the proud parents of a new baby boy, while Timothy developed an interest in some of his female classmates and little Angela continued to grow into a beautiful young girl. The 60s have already brought big changes Chez Turner – how will they fare in their new home with their new addition?


Newlyweds Barbara and Tom will be moving in together and getting used to married life. We know they won’t be having a baby any time in the near future thanks to Barbara’s comical adventures with the diaphragm, but will they get their happily ever after and enjoy marital bliss as they make the transition from boyfriend and girlfriend to man and wife?


And then, of course, there’s Sister Mary Cynthia – or Cynthia, as she’s now known. She left Nonnatus House to recuperate at Northfield after her struggle with mental health issues. Will she return to Poplar? Only time will tell.

When will series seven of Call The Midwife be on TV?


Nothing has been confirmed yet, but new series do tend to air early in the year so we’re going to guess sometime in early 2018. Watch this space.