Doctor Who’s 13 unluckiest characters

From holes in the head to unfortunate deaths to unrequited love, we round up the the show's unluckiest characters...

Tenth Doctor

It’s Friday 13th (unless you’re reading this tomorrow. Or yesterday), which apparently means that today is the day you’ll finally be hit by that bus.


It could be worse, though; you could be living in the nightmarish world of Doctor Who, a place where being unlucky doesn’t just mean ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife, it means spending the rest of your life with a hole in the head, or getting stuck for a year wandering around an apocalyptic wasteland.

But who’s the unluckiest Doctor Who character ever? has some ideas, so we’ve have compiled our top – wait for it… thirteen to mark the occasion.

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13. Adam Mitchell

Adam Mitchell Doctor Who

Some would argue that Adam Mitchell is not unlucky, that he merely brought it all upon himself. The boy genius was taken in by the Doctor and Rose as a trusted companion, but ended up trying to use time travel for his own gain instead. Travelling to the year 200,000 in The Long Game, he became overwhelmed by the wealth of information and technology available to him and immediately gave in to temptation and greed, getting an advanced computer interface port – activated by a click of the fingers – installed in his head, and attempting to transmit valuable information back to the 21st century.

This, as you can imagine, didn’t go down well with the Doctor, who dumped him back in his own time with… a big damn hole in his head. Seriously, it’s just there, forever – and will open whenever anyone clicks their fingers. Imagine living your life like that. He can’t even watch West Side Story anymore. Is that really fair? Does the Doctor’s punishment really fit the crime?

12. Osgood


Now this was just a cruel case of being in the wrong place with the wrong Time Lord.. UNIT scientist Osgood became an instant fan favourite when she appeared in 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor, on account of being a massive Doctor fan herself, complete with Tom Baker scarf. So, in Death In Heaven, it was a joy to see her once again, this time championing the more updated Matt Smith bow tie look. Before she could grow out her eyebrows like Capaldi, however, she was shockingly brought down by Missy, who callously blasted Osgood into dust, kicking us while we were down by stepping on her glasses.